About Us

Andy has been training since 1985 and has been instrumental in creating a program for developing young dogs into top competitors.

After a college education, and despite his parent’s best wishes, Andy turned to dog training. His roots are at Handjem where with Mike Lardy he developed a young dog program that is still current and relevant today. At Handjem, Andy was  fortunate to train and handle some great dogs; dogs such as Big River Bon Amie, Candlewoods Super Tanker, Gusto Lost Control, Candlewoods Tanks A lot, Hattie Macbunn and Honest Abe. These great dogs  and countless others have helped to shape and define Andy’s career. 

In 1993 Andy and his wife Kari created Autumn Run. With the support and loyal assistance of Paul Sletten, Jess Bentley, Seth Steenburgen, and Ray Voight, Andy has trained a national derby champion, multiple top 10 derby dogs, and nearly 50 champions, making Autumn Run one of the premier professional kennels today.

Over the years, Andy has lectured and conducted many workshops and seminars. All have aimed to enhance the skill sets of competitive retrievers while providing them with quality of life during the process.

For 36 years and still learning, Andy credits much of his success to many of his friends and mentors: Pat Burns, Mike Lardy, Judy Aycock, Hugh Arthur, Jerry Patopea, Leslie Rae Carnes to name a few.

Andy began his journey with the dogs due to his love of the outdoors. An avid hunter and fisherman, his birthplace of Gary, IN was no place for a restless outside guy to live.  His homes in Princeton, WI and Boston, GA are much more suitable. With a Second Dan in TKD, Andy is interested in working out as much as time allows.

Andy is joined by his wife Kari, Craig Cook and Chris Oyer. Craig, a 5 year veteran with Autumn Run, cut his teeth with Jim VanEngen at Right Start Kennels for 10 years;  Chris Oyer  grew up with a dog trainer and after  college and a successful career in the business world, came back to his true love of dogs.   Together they make a formidable team dedicated to the full development and enhancement of each dog that they touch while also instructing the owners.